IMPORTANT!!  Anointed Hands has moved effective 10/15/18

New Address : 688 Alliance Pkwy Suite 5, Hewitt, Tx 76643

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My Mission

is to restore our clients bodies back to their best conditions using Therapeutic Massage, which can improve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

You need a Massage if;

1. You haven’t had one for months (or even years): Massage works best when received on a regular basis. 

2. You have a pain in the neck, back, shoulder, or hips.

3. You don’t get enough sleep: Massage helps promote healthy sleep habits through  relaxation.

4. You are stressed out: Massage starts working immediately to help you relax.

It's Simple: Massage therapy = less pain, more function, better sleep, and less stress!

Anointed Hands has recently relocated!!


688 Alliance Pkwy 

Suite #5,

Hewitt, Tx 76643


Payments Accepted


Debit/Credit    FSA/HSA Cards


​Tuesday:      9:30a-5:00p 

Wednesday: 9:30a-5:00p

Friday:        9:30a-5:00p

Saturday:    9:30a-5:00p

Sun:  8:30a-12:30p

(Twice Per Month)

Mon & Thurs: Closed